Cos this Goose ain’t Gonna be FAT! Week 3 – Update

22 Nov

Week three completed – another tough week but absolutely nothing to do with the challenge. Had a hospital appointment where I got some not so good news and have been stressed out to the max so not eating much (hence the 3lb loss this week) but I had an epiphany this weekend and I have so much clarity on things that it’s incredible. I feel like I can take on the world and I’m damned well gonna make the most of it.

Also as it’s been three weeks it’s time for a stats update (in the brackets are the starting stats for this challenge and when I first started losing weight):

  • Weight – 142lbs (148lbs\154lbs)
  • Bust – 37″(37.5″\36.75″)
  • Chest – 29.5″(30.5″\31″)
  • Left upper arm – 12″ (12″\12.5″)
  • Right upper arm – 12″(12″\12.5″)
  • Left forearm – 9″(9.25″\9.25″)
  • Right forearm – 9.5″ (9.75″\10″)
  • Waist – 30″ (30″\33″)
  • Hips – 37″ (38″\38.5″)
  • Abdomen – 35″ (36.5″\37.25″)
  • Left Thigh – 23″ (23.75″\24.25″)
  • Right Thigh – 22.5″ (23.52″\24″)
  • Left Calf – 14.5″ (14.5″\15″)
  • Right Calf – 14.5″ (14.75″\15″)

I am totally astounded and spurred on by my progress. I’m finally no longer considered overweight according to the BMI indea and that feels great! I want to spend the rest of 2010 getting my weight down nearer my goal and then spend 2011 working on reshaping my body in what I’m tentatively calling #OperationPenny. Here’s my inspiration:

Kaley Cuoco AKA Penny from The Big Bang Theory

Kaley is positively gorgeous in every way and such a great role model. Already got a haircut booked in on Friday to have my hair restyled although more like it is in this picture. Hopefully it turns out OK! Eeks!

Only have 12lbs to lose to reach my goal weight and then I’ll start The New Rules of Lifting for Women again and triathlon training. I want to complete a 5k run towards the end of March, the Swimathon in late April then a cycling thing in the Summer and hopefully my first triathlon by the end of 2011. It’s going to be a busy year!

Anyway… goals…


2 x 20 minute elliptical session – Completed
2 x 15 minute rowing machine – Only managed once this week :(
Attend at least one dance class a week – Two again: Hip-Hop and Breakin’
Go swimming once a week for at least 20 minutes – FAIL! Got to the pool at 11am on Sunday to find out it was closed for a gala… I was not impressed!
50 situps per day- FAIL – Didn’t do this even once this week just didn’t have the motivation. Will try harder this week!


Keep tracking on The Daily Plate on Livestrong – Check – numbers were freaking ridiculous this week though :S
Try to eat out (on average) less than once a week – Did well this week didn’t eat out at all!

Anyway, hopefully I keep up this motivation for the last 6 weeks of the year and beyond! Roll on 2011! Woot!

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