Baking Shenanigans

24 Sep

After watching The Great British Bakeoff last week I had the splendid idea of inviting a few people over to indulge in some baking shenanigans of our own. I made sandwiches with the crusts cut off, prepared sparkling cocktails and had everything prepped ready for their arrival and I had a plan: we were making layered cupcakes, pop cakes and gingerbread men (ingredients provided by my lovely friend Karen).

I’d made a chocolate cake prior to arrival and let it cool so that we could make the pop cakes. I thought the recipe would be more complicated than it was basically you crumble the cake, mix it with chocolate frosting and roll into small balls then put in the fridge to harden. Melt some chocolate over the hob (we tried both white and milk which worked fab although the recipe I vaguely followed said to mix in a little vegetable oil which I didn’t have so I used Flora Cuisine for the first batch which let me tell you does NOT work!), pop the cakeĀ  ball onto a lollipop stick (or if you’re cheap like me a kebab skewer) and roll the ball in the chocolate until the entire thing is covered then decorate and pop into some Styrofoam to set. (Or in our case a tub of protein powder lol)

Whilst all this was going on Karen was giving her gingerbread her all using a now empty bottle of peach schnapps as a rolling-pin and using various cutters to make men of all shapes and sizes as well as some Winnie the Pooh ones! Luckily she cut out five of the largest ones so we had one each to decorate as we saw fit. With a subline on this blog of Blonde Geek with Social Skills can you guess which of these is mine?

Yes that is an Uhura gingerbread person!

I’ve always wanted to try these amazing rainbow cupcakes but I hadn’t realised just how expensive food colouring is so we (again) improvised and used the black and red I had borrowed from my mum to make tri-colour cupcakes. Basically you make up a regular batch of cake mix, separate into however many colours you have and add the food colouring. Then you layer up the cakes one spoon at a time. We put a little too much in some cupcakes and not enough in others but a couple came out just right and with some pink buttercream icing on top they tasted amazing!

We had an ace time just mucking around and of course tasting our delicious creations but I was left with so. much. cake. at the end it was crazy. If you’re looking for something fun and random to do on a rainy afternoon I cannot recommend having a bakeoff enough! If you want to see more pictures from our baking day you’ll find them on Facebook.

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